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I have more than 30 years experience and can help you with all of your technology needs from network wiring to software consultation.

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Whether you need help deciding which computer to buy or a business network from design to installation. I also have office management experience and can help you streamline your work-flow. Combining technology and process experience to achieve efficiencies. I have the solutions.






A network is the accepted approach to business computing. There are a number of networking technologies ranging from Microsoft's built in homegroup to a full domain server with Active Directory. Active Directory controls everything from system security to central file storage but many things can be accomplished with the built in homegroup/workgroup utility.

In order to utilize any of the available technologies your computers must be connected to each other is some way. Today wireless networks are an easy, inexpensive way to go but nothing is as rock-solid, reliable and secure as a wired Ethernet network. I can provide and configure either one for you. When making the decision bear in mind that wireless networks broadcast everything over the air while Ethernet requires a physical connection.

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