When should I replace my computer

I have provided links for good information on this page but I warn you that they contain the typical advertising gimicks you find everwhere on the web these days. Everywhere but here. Also some of this information will cause the non-techie to get cross eyed so I give you my opinion in a sentence or 2 and you decide if you want to wade through the additional information the links provide.

So to keep it short and simple; useful life for Desktops at least 3 to 5 years, Laptops at least 2 years. Many factors go into the decision to replace your computer. It depends as much on you as it does on your equipment. Useful life of the components is only a part of the story. For instance if your Windows operating system is anything prior to Windows 7 it is time to do something right now.

What about the OS (operating system)

The look and feel is a little different but Windows 10 is a great operating system. Most of the bugs have been worked out and once properly installed takes care of itself including its own antivirus component (Windows Defender)also Microsoft has stated that Windows 10 will not be replaced but continually updated.(Realistically lets say for the forseeable future there will be no Windows 11) If you have anything less than Windows 8 on your computer I would recommend either upgrading or replacing.

Support for Windows XP ended 4/8/2014 this means that Microsoft is no longer providing security patches for this OS and computers still running XP will become more and more vulnerable. The basic software patches are already gone. For an extensive story on XP click here.XP and see the support lifecycle section. Here is a link to a list of over 350 widely known vulnerabilities. xp vulnerabilities

Windows 7 is still usable but in our current online world it is showing the strain. Windows 8 and above are designed differently. It is already a fact that windows 7 will not play nice with some online features from Microsoft itself so expect the same limitations from other vendors over time.

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