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sync with the cloud


Do you have a home desktop computer, office desktop computer, laptop, smart-phone, and a tablet, or any combination of these devices?


Maybe you have more computer gadgets than I can imagine. It may be easier to file your taxes than trying to keep all of your computer devices in sync.


With the proliferation of technology comes the never-ending quest to keep everything organized across the broad spectrum of applications and operating systems. For example, the business world is dominated by Microsoft Windows-based systems, but a large percent of our customers have an iPhone and/or an IPad from Apple Computer. How do you sync your data, calendar, and contacts across those two different operating systems? Add Android devices to this mix and it can get even more complicated.


You probably rely on several computers and portable devices to get through your day. Your challenge becomes keeping your data working harmoniously.


How Your Devices Can Do The Work For You

Most of us take for granted the exceptional ability these devices offer to assist in handling information for us autonomously. You can add a birthday reminder on your desktop computer automatically. You can enable it to pop up a warning a few days in advance so you can remember to mail out the card you always forget to send in time. You can even have that same birthday automatically added to your smart-phone so you can get a reminder to give them a call.


It is their simplicity and usefulness that makes these types of applications worth their weight in gold to every busy individual.


Remembering your wife’s birthdays are just one example. You may want to add reminders and to do lists to get your tax info to your accountant, or watch for a particular report to come out.


There are a number of ways to accomplish this without any effort on your part once it has been set up. No more trying to remember which device you saved certain information on. I provide a list of options below.


Why You Should Sync Up with Coworkers And Family

Aside from the obvious uses, such as syncing important dates like meetings you can also sync your data files, photos, and daily schedules.

This information sharing is not just limited to your own devices as you can allow other people in your life to sync and share their data as well.

I am sure you can imagine how useful programs like these would be to a tight knit group of business associates, co-workers, or friends who are all able to send and receive synchronized calendar updates and important information all before their next get together. It is like having a personal secretary to take care of all the details.

Even keeping your family informed with synchronized grocery lists, purchase histories, and upcoming appointments is as easy as adding them to your circle.

There are only 24 hours in a day, and that isn’t going to change. Time management and organization is the key to adding more valuable time to your week.

By letting your devices keep you in sync with your important contacts and family members, you no longer have to send an email, text, or make a phone call to communicate important information.


Syncing Computer and Devices to the Cloud

One of the easiest ways to sync all your devices is to use the; “cloud”;. Basically, the cloud is a mix of servers and devices that work together to keep all your data automatically synced to any device---; available anytime, anywhere.


Compare this with the old days. Your data was stuck on your local computer. If you wanted to take it with you, you’d have to backup your data to a physical device. Then, you’d have to transfer the data manually to a new local computer, or to your smart phone with a USB cable.


With the cloud at your service, you can skip all those middle steps. Your data is waiting and ready wherever you are. Of course, you should still take proper security precautions with your data, especially when syncing to cloud-based services.


Tools for Staying Synced across Computers and Devices

OK now for the list of the most prominent options.



There are many other solutions available beyond the ones I mentioned above but the list does cover the major categories available. Hopefully this information will give you a clearer understanding of the cloud and some of the uses that make it an integral part of today’s world.


The time and/or cost it takes to make this happen is a very small investment for the time you will save and the peace of mind you will gain once your information is synced and secure. Just the loss of your phone whether it is actually lost or accidentally damaged can be a nightmare that is completely avoided by doing something now.


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