The consultation part of this offer is you giving me information about what you have and what you would like to have. I can then make suggestions about what is available and how it can best be implemented, always being aware of the cost/benefit ratio and whether capex or opex is better for your budget.

I have found that other technicians tend to not give their customers detailed information about all their technology assets, from passwords to online accounts to physical equipment. This is not acceptable because all that information belongs to you. Even if it does not all make sense to you, your information should be available to you by opening a file. All you need to know is where that file is. I always make it a point to provide this information to my customers.

Use the $100.00 credit to do anything you may have hesitated on fixing or improving on your computers or get a new network connection in a more convenient location. Make company information available to your entire staff or particular individuals from a central storage location. Perhaps have me install programs that you have been wanting, or cleaning up a computer that has been affected by adware.

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