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One of the biggest challenges for any manufacture is really knowing what your product costs you to make. Especially quoting prices for a quantity of your product. You want to be competitive but you also want to make a profit. That nagging feeling every-time you give a quote; did I lose this opportunity because I was too high, did I hurt myself because I was too close to break even or possibly at a loss? You can't know unless you have precise current information about your costs.

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Let me assess your current approach and advise you as to what tools are available. I am sure at this point you are thinking,


"no one knows my business better than I do."


Of course you are right but I can help you to know your business better unless you already have a system in place that gives you the information you need, whenever you need it. Don't rely on a collection of spreadsheets that are time consuming to use, cost time and money to create and maintain, and create complexity and provide no way to really be sure that they capture all of the current costs let alone costs going forward.


Accounting software can tell you what your costs were last month or last year, this is definitely helpful but it is hindsight. Technology has really changed the game in this area. Accurate up to the minute tracking of costs is a must in today's fast paced environment. This includes new quotes for your materials as well as prices paid in the past. These solutions also help to prevent delays due to component shortages so you can improve scheduling. The tools to do that can be so expensive that they are unavailable to the small operation but there are solutions available at very modest prices. I warn you upfront this process is not painless it will require time, attention, and commitment from you and your staff but the reward is more profit. Once you have made that effort the first benefit to you is your time, what used to be an agonizing time consuming process can be available at your fingertips and completed in minutes instead of days. Even from your smart-phone or tablet.


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