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Does your organization have 501-c3 status. If it does do you realize that you can have technology that costs the corporate world 10's of thousands of dollars practically free? All you need is the guidance to know where to get this technology. I can show you how to get everything from server software to desktop productivity software for you and your staff donated to you. Now you can also get Microsoft Azure Technology which is hardware as a cloud service, eliminating the need for local servers while providing all of the benefits.Call for a free consultation. You will be amazed at what is available to you. This is available to almost any organization that has 501-c3 status. Is there any technology you would like to have that you have hesitated on due to cost? Ask me chances are I can get it donated to you. We all know that staff is what makes an organization function and is, at the same time, the biggest single expense in money and time. Use your staff effectively, give them the tools to be efficient.. Churches, community organizations, focus groups, special communities, talk to me and learn what is available.


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